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Hello, I am Peter Oliha and I am a software engineer and consultant. I have a passion for building software and helping others do the same.

When I am not helping to build the next-gen Supplier Data Platform at Tealbook, I am working on building a portfolio of software products and services that are aligned with my interests.

I have lived and worked on 3 continents in areas such as fintech, internet services and blockchain …. More

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KidzLog aims to provide a full suite of tools to help you manage various aspects of your childcare business. From tracking attendance to handling billing and payments, the goal is to meet the needs of childcare providers, whether you run a home-based daycare or a larger childcare center. Learn more about it on kidzlog.com

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3 Ways to Run NestJS Cron Jobs When Running Multiple Instances

Managing cron jobs in a multi-instance environment can be challenging. Recently, I faced this issue on FindChildcare.ca where I am running multiple instances of a NestJS application. Here are three methods to handle this effectively: 1. Using Named Instances This method involves naming your primary and replica instances and adding conditional checks to ensure the…

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FindChildcare.ca a comprehensive directory of home and center-based childcare providers across Canada.Now instead of playing roulette with Facebook groups, FindChildcare.ca is designed to be a place where parents can easily find childcare providers and subscribe to receive notifications about openings. Providers can also create waitlists, manage multiple listings, and indicate available slots. It is probably…

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SpellCheckMySite.com is a simple tool that finds spelling mistakes on a web page. You provide a URL, it scans it and shows possible spelling mistakes. I built this because most times when I work on small website, there might be typos that I miss and it’s only obvious after I have shared the site with…

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