How to resolve a blacklisted domain

2 days ago SpamHaus blacklisted my domain. This will make browsers display the dreaded “Malicious Site” warning when you try to load the page. Here is how I resolved it in time for the beta launch of MapleStack

0. Do not panic, this does not solve anything. It is normal for new domains to get blacklisted.

1. Go to SpamHaus and use the checker to search for your domain. There are various blacklists, mine was in the DBL list so the process below might be different for others. This begins the removal ticket flow

2. Create a ticket with an email that is linked with the blocked domain. This is important as it will show that you have authority over the domain. If you can’t use the same email see point 4 below.

3. In the ticket state all the things you have done to prevent future blacklists. At the very least do the following
✅ Implement confirmed opt-in for your mailing lists
✅ Include an unsubscribe link to all emails. Add the link to the ticket so it can be easily verified
✅ If you are using shared hosting, move your email out of there ASAP. There are business emails going for $1 a month.
Submit the ticket and you will get an email with the ticket number. It is needed for the next step.

4. An alternative way to verify that you are authorized to request removal for the domain is to create a TXT record with the ticket number from the step above. This IMO even shows more authority than an email. Once added, go back to the ticket and state it there. You can even add a link from WhatsMyDns to verify it.

That’s all! Once your ticket is reviewed it will most likely be removed instantly. This was my experience and I hope it helps someone.

Bonus point: You can setup a domain blacklist monitor on mxtoolbox for free. This checks over 90 lists and will alert you if/when your domain gets blacklisted.

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